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Do you truly understand why your company consistently wins or loses sales opportunities? Peak Innovation, a win loss company, can help you identify what goes through your customers' minds when they decide to purchase from your firm or another. Our win loss company will survey successful sales and lost prospects to determine what your firm is doing well and what can be improved upon. At the end of your service engagement with our win loss company, you will have a greater understanding of how to convert more prospects to sales.

Do you truly understand why your company consistently wins or loses sales opportunities?
Every engagement with our win loss company will look different based on your firm's goals; however, there is a general pattern to our services. We begin the engagement by defining a list of relevant competitors. Our win loss company will collaborate with your firm to develop a research plan about your firm's and your competitors' sales processes. We will conduct surveys and interviews guided by our research plan to draw meaningful conclusions about how your prospects make decisions. Our win loss company will reveal important information about the key purchasing criteria of your prospects, the strengths of your sales team, and the value that your firm's product or service provides.

At Peak Innovation we believe that hiring a win loss company will enable your firm to truly reap the benefits of analyzing your sales process. As an external source, our win loss company will help your firm objectively identify areas for improvement that you may not be able to pin-point internally. For example, you may notice that your firm is struggling to convert prospects and may believe it is because you are not priced as competitively as other firms in your market; however, a win loss company may conclude that you are losing prospects because your salespeople are failing to customize the sales process. They are struggling in discovery, which is setting themselves up for failure. It's critical for your firm that it achieve its sales goals and our win loss company can help guide you to success.

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Every Peak Innovation competitive intelligence service engagement is led by one of our highly experienced principals. We operate with a flexible, scalable staffing model leveraging subject matter experts as needed. We enable clients to generate profitable growth through the practical use of research, innovation, and technology. Whether your firm is a start-up or a Fortune 500, Peak Innovation is here to answer your toughest marketplace questions. Please, visit our competitive intelligence page to learn more about Peak Innovation's services. Call us at (844) 300-7325 or fill out the form on this website for questions about our services or to schedule a time to speak.
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