Our Model

Peak Innovation was founded with a desire to offer a different kind of consulting model that puts our clients first. Our principals were clients before they were consultants, and this is reflected in key components of Peak Innovation's model:

Principal Engagement

The principals of the firm are deeply engaged in every project. We avoid the traditional consulting model where the partner sells the project, the junior staff do the work, and the partner shows up again at the final presentation. At Peak Innovation, the people who sold the project, deliver the project.

Marketing Strategy

Flexible Staffing

We leverage a flexible and scalable organization model that matches our principals and consultants as needed. We employ a variety of experts based on the needs of the client and engagement. We operate virtually to maximize efficiency among our network of consulting, marketing, and subject matter experts.

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At Peak Innovation, we highly value all of our client relationships. We believe the strength of our client relationships is only as strong as our latest set of deliverables, and we are dedicated to outstanding delivery on every engagement. Our unique model results in deep long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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